Who are we?

Altostratus is a Franco-Belgian company.

We are sailors and pilots, wind addicts.
We couple our passion with top-notch technical expertise and innovative spirit.

Our journey started in 2014, in the hearth of the Alps, with a simple idea: bring better weather information to the world.

In 2015, we delivered the first 500 units of our Pioupiou wind meter.

In 2016, we joined the Belgian incubator The Faktory.

Since then, we have been working on a super-secret plan. You will know more soon ;)

Altostratus SA (Headquarters)
Liège Science Park
Rue du Bois Saint-Jean 16
4102 Seraing, Belgium

Altostratus France (Support)
Savoie Technolac
17 Avenue Lac Léman, BP40346
73377 Le-Bourget-du-Lac Cedex, France


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