Out in the field

We've been working for months in order to release Pioupiou V2, second generation of our autonomous wind meter.

Now, the engineering is completed. We are ready to manufacture.

The manufacturing process by itself doesn't take long. What takes time is setting up the manufacturing procedures, adjusting the last engineering details and securing the supply chain. We've been through these last steps in the past weeks.

But before pressing the trigger and launching the manufacturing, we need to be 100% sure that our wind meters will be perfect.

The most important thing for an autonomous sensor is reliability.

When a Pioupiou is perched on the mountain top and the only way of reaching it is climbing a pole after a two-hours-long hike, maintenance is not an option. For your safety and convenience, the wind meter should work perfectly without any intervention.

pioupiou-350-large There is no road leading to that Pioupiou

That is why we are now taking our time and running extensive tests on Pioupiou V2. The test units were already installed into the most challenging locations. That way, we can find and fix the possible bugs before your Pioupiou reaches you.

We want to make sure that the product you receive is close to perfection. That takes tests, more tests, and a lot of time.

P_20171128_100924 Pioupiou V2 on the top of a windy mountain. Only two days after being installed, this one had already recorded 130km/h gusts.

DSC_0445_rs Pioupiou V2 on the upper station of ski lift, exposed to snow, ice and subzero cold.

dune Pioupiou V2 on a dune, right in the fresh and salty air of the Atlantic Ocean

What are you testing for?

During this field test we check the firmware stability, the reliability of GSM and Bluetooth connections, as well as the response in severe environment, such as product autonomy and robustness of its mechanical parts. It is also time to do some fine-tuning and polish the software.
And did you notice that every deployed Pioupiou V2 is attached to a conventional wind meter? We use this opportunity to validate the measurements precision. Guess what? The readings match!

As soon as these final tests are done, Pioupiou V2 will be officially released.

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